Trip to KucHinG, SARaWaK 14-16th Nov 2008

>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the date above, went to Kuching, Sarawak to present a paper on rights of Muslims Women and a talk with RTM Sarawak. The host,my ex-student and her friend are very nice and entertained me well. It is a nice experience being there and Insya Allah will return again next year.

Inside the lift.

Along the balcony

The toilet

The room number

The Tamu is located just behind the Hotel where I stayed

The Banner

With DJ Noor Azizah after my slot with RTM Sarawak

The famous Gunung Santubung

The banners at parking bay
The main entrance to Kampung Budaya

Oooch! The ticket to this Perkampungan Budaya is too expensive:
Rm60 for adults and RM30 for child

A handsome Iban with his blowpipe

One of the Melanau dancers twirling like the propeller of a hellicoper on the top of a poll

A unique carving of a warrior and a frog in a sampan, on one side of the staircase

The hut of Iban
Outside the Iban's house
Inside the Iban's house

This is the site where the Rainforest Music Festival takes place.

Rumah Melanau (dari jauh)

Rumah PEnaN

Rumah Melanau

The hornbill statue

The kucings in Bandar Kuching
The varieties of kek lapis
My favourite! Kuih cincin

Buah damit. To be found in Sarawak only. Rebus first. Then, slice it into pieces and cook together in dishes especially in fried rice.

Ikan Keli besar ya amat
Ikan Garupa

Rebana Sarawak

The sufrace of the round table is made of Oyster shell

Cakra Alam

Baju perisai

Replika pedang Rasulullah, "Zulfakar"

Ayam masak dalam buluh

Mee Kolok


SArAwak AIRPort


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