>> Monday, May 26, 2008

Today got a few errands to settle. Started with paying the electricity, water and telephone bills. Then the Maths Clinic - enrolled Miss Bieyla for the SPM holiday Seminar. Next, to BBMB. Paid Along's matriculation admission fee...ouch!. However mission not encomplish to open Akaun Remaja Bank Rakyat for G-Hah since she's not 15 years old (not even 14years la!).

Our next trip is to IIUM Matriculation centre. It so happened when I checked the envelope, agreement form for KPM scholarship missing. Punyalah leleh lah sampai agreement penting macam tuu bleh missing. Mr. DOL, betul. Bila tanya, "minta maaf ye puan atas kesilapan kami" Mujur tinggal kat KL and memang keje UIA pun. Kalu tak parah.

From PJ proceeded to Shah Alam, but as usual sesat dulu lah. Tapi mujur jumpa jalan ke Federal Highway after bebudak tu tolong bacakan sign boards yang terpampang tuh! Finally nampak mercu tanda Shah Alam...........

Shah Alam here we come...

Our mission was to buy Along's tudung and tengok2 jubah at Shah Alam Shopping Complex. Why to search until Shah Alam? Coz the price is much-much cheaper than KL's, lah. So we ended parking at SACC parking lot.

Menyemak tul lah Minah ni! Orang nak amik gambar SACC bukan gambar mu

At first, ronda-ronda tengok jubah tapi bukan keperluan buat masa ni. All the sudden Along saw this black shoes and decided to buy. Lain nak beli, lain yang dapat.

Of all the shoes....

this pair of Chinese Opera shoes, she bought.....What la!

But our mission finally accomplished when we found a shop that sells tudung that matched her baju kurung. Phew......what a relief.

Sapo hok nok beli Tudung Donatello ni. Tigo amah so. Muroh benar.Rhugi dok beli.muhaha!

Since our stomach were growling with hunger, we stopped at a Bakery and bought a few buns - tunas, hotdogs and garlic bread.

The lovely cakes.....

Keluarga bahagia, keluarga bahagiaaaaaaa....(macam nasyid SAUJANA tuh).
(Well not really bahagia since Naei not 'ere)

G-hah kalu bleh, supik tu pung dio nok mamah

huhu~triok Mr Luke. Along ngenak
make hotdog ambo. Angah pulok mace
bagus benar. Along pulok...oo aloh!

Finally me made a move to DEMC to ziarah Imran. Alas! Abang Shah and Kak Zah were not there. Just met Ali tengah terlengkung tido kat toto dier while Imran pun tido gak. Pity him.His blood count is still dropping( 90 at the time we visited him). May Allah protect him and gives him the strength to fight this dengue and be perserverance with this 'test'.This prayer also goes to Abang Shah and the rest of the family.

The sign board to DEMC

Aik! takde pun nama dier

May u recover soon

On the way back to the parking lot, saw mamak jual rojak tapi tak leh nak beli aar...BP still tinggi

Saat-saat indah sebelum gadoh ngan G-hah

Rojak!Rojak! Sapa mau beli rojak

By 2.00pm, we zoomed back home. The end...........



>> Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gebak!gebak!gebak! gebung!gebung!gebung!(bunyi kompang le) Here's the bride entertaining us

I presumed today must be the second happiest day for Aiman. She's getting married again. Alhamdulillah after years of waiting, she finally gets her Mr.Right (Prof. Dr Muhsin Hingun, her's and ours x-lecturer) once again. May Allay bless both of them and their marriage attains rahmah and mawaddah. Me, Ida,Kak Nora, Azura (the aerobic instructur), Lia the owner of the Honda Stream and our beloved 'chauffer' Madam Roslina (jange marah weh!) went together to her mother's house at noon. Sampai sana nampak Kak Jib and Kak Chik, both with their hubby tengah makan. Its a nice wedding reception since very moderate. Lepas tuu mak dia ada bagi du'a macamner nak cari _____ (plz fill in the blank). Since my BP still high, tak leh la nak makan macam orang lain sob!sob! sob! sedey bangat. Jadi makanlah ambo nasi putih ngan ikan sweet and sour ngan acar buah.

One of these ladies going to be next in line...kah!kah!kah!Guess whoooooooo?

Nyam!Nyam!Nyam cedapnye dier makan nasi minyak

Cup-cake to the chosen one only!



24th June 2008 (Night)- The Saga continues. Our mission to find Along things continued immediately afterMaghrib. Again, all girls night out. Went straight to Carrefour and bought her kain putih and kain hitam. Then she pleaded me for another pasang kain. Nak wat gano. Anak kan, I have to give in, la. Jiah also wanted another pair but pity her kain tak cukup meter, so tak leh nak beli. Next to Popular her stationaries but this time around she paid it with her own money...hi!hi!hi!

Last spot for the night...Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju. Went to a shoe shop and bought a pair of blue black sneaker. My personal observation: the shoes is highly priced tapi orang dah berkenan, payah lah

Mahei bebenor! Tak padan dengan rege!

Last stop for the night......Hurray! Makan time. However since I'm having problem with my BP, Along with her ? so we all decided to share makan Yong Tow Foo empat orang sepinggan lah. Lagi pun Angah dah order mee mamak kat Naei suruh Bapak dier beli.



24th June 2008 (DAY)- Its all girls' & women's day out which included me, my mom and three daughters to KL. Our mission- buy Along things and bawak mak meronda. The day started at 10.45 pm (without breakfast ...) and we went straight and parked next to Semua House. Then we marched to SOGO and bought two dark khaki coloured Diadora pants for Along and a BUM t-shirt that costs me hundreds, maa ! Saw a nice white sweater but Oh my gosh................ the price
RM_ _ _ . Kensel tapi I will buy it. Not now but just u wait. Next, to Euro Moda (???) and boughts 5pairs of kain pasang including for my mom too. Continued to Mun Loong Textiles spend another few hundrends for another 4 pairs of kain pasang. Tengah jalan2 kat bazaar nak cari kain hitam batik Along, terjumpa lak kain batik come lote... apa lagi I sambar satu for my self, la. Well...these kains are actually for the coming Eid-ul-Fitr. Though its quite early, I rather do it now than last minute preparation. At this stage, went to Maybank ATM to withdraw another few hundreds more since the first withdrawal dah boh liaw. At this time, we were really starving and thirsty.

nyam!nyam!nyam! I'm starving...Vadee pun vadee la...Whatever! Cian kat mak

Next station - Mydin. We bought Along stationaries,toiletries etc.etc. here. Along was about to explode here as she was having PMS and she did got her menses here. Happy giler sebab dah mamnu'. Balik nanti tak yah nak solat

See her face yau suu, maa!
All were tired and turning into Hulk grr,grr,grr... Did ask them to wait in the car tapi tak nak. Nak ikut jalan lagi gak. So, it turned out we all went to the next Mydin to buy things that were not found in the 1st Mydin including suar skola Mr Luke. Last mission to buy Along, white and black tudungs to be worn during Taaruf week. Alhamdulillah mission partially completed since did'nt get her kain putih for sarung yet. That will be next mission, coming soon. Went back home after 4hours of hard, hot, day in KL. On the way back, stopped to buy Nasi bungkus at Suberi. At least that really compensate our hunger and thirst and the aching feet and backache faced during the outing.



>> Friday, May 23, 2008

Started my day before azan as I have to pick up Angah and Wafa (my step daughter???????) at 5.15am at Perhentian Putra. Then dozed for a little while before going out with Man to buy nasi lemak for breakfast. Next, settled all due payment online. Jiah called and decided to come back earlier at 11.30am. The best part of the day- I'm blessed again by Allah when Azu informed that finally Along got a place in IIUM, Nilai and most important the same faculty with me "LAW". I'm double blessed when I'm saved at the nick of the time from an accident with this particular dodo lady driver (as if I'm not a lady driver ha!ha!ha!). At noon, rasa kecut perut again coz I have to meet with Dr Saodah. Ya Allah Lembutkan lah hati Dr Saodah ni. Well she's in good mood today and laughing hard at my work. Pity me but better be laughed at, now, than later. Then to Azu's place to get Along admission letter to IIUM. Lina nya anak sedara, Alhamduliilah got a place too. Hope Along can be an acquaintance with her. So Along new era will start this 10th June 2008. May Allah Guide her always and hope she can be good qudwah to her siblings.



>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Pray to Allah for His Bounty. At present, I was assigned with 2 independant students : T4, 5 sessions x 2 hours + 1 assignment = RM-_ _ _ _. However, sadly to discover, Prof Dr Saodah refused to see this week...what to do maa! She just underwent minor injury, so she is slowly recovering. As we all know lah ..."Verily for each difficulties there's relief and verily for each difficulties there's relief" -An Nasyrah. That's why we need a lot of sod ba ro . Then only it is easy to accept qada and qadar. At this instance I'm being tested. Yeah! By my own silly mistake! Why! Coz I simply eat what I want to eat and not what's good and healathy to me. As a BP is rocketing to 146/90. Nasi lemak is without fail, lamb chop with red meat daging as I please, chocolate cake, sambal sotong kering berlambak2. Tu lah pasal. Sendri mahu ingatlah! No wonder the hadith says whatever we do, do it moderately. Now have to telan again omega oil and red yeast. I say...nak wat guano. Accept it and try to cure and most important, be perseverance.



>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Its about fortnight since I've written. Well...Been quite busy I guess (ye lah tuu!) But what's important, I'm happy bangat coz Alhamdulillah I've managed to settle my car loan and be getting my new MPV soon...ya beda bedooooo! This morning went to JPJ WangsaMaju to cancel the ownership title from the bank to my name! The best part though it's already 9.30 a.m., the counter is clear and I can settle matters within 10 minutes only. Person yang jaga counter tu pun ok gak. Tak lah sombong bongkak macam setengah tempat. Thumb's up to JPJ WangsaMaju. Dapat kereta baru nanti boleh lah nak meronda jauh sket. Sekarang ni tak bleh naik kereta saloon dah sebab anak ramai dan dah bagak-bagak, tuu yang kene beli MPV. It's quite a hectic week since all my children are having exam with the exception to ALong and me myself is as usual busy with my research. Still life has to go on.


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