RaYE DataNG LaGI: 10 SePT 2010

>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pic in front of our residence

Salam ye all!! It has been a year since I've written in this blog. This time Raye 2010. Alhamdulillah I've been blessed with His Rahmah to celebrate this raye after a month of Fasting. This time around, raye dah tak raye kat umah mak tapi kat tempat baru. Quite ok!
The living room. Cozy for us

Pic at the living room
Hehehe pic at another living room namely our favourite tempat lepak!

Baru balik solat raye. Mak tangkap lentok la~ jgn mare

Marching to the mosque...terlambat sket. Imam dah angkat 4 kali takbir


Pesal mak sedey ni. Chilll mak, Chill!

Seiring dan sejalan..lalala~ ala2 hail naei and uji ani!

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ni plak posing ala2 mirwana gitu...

ni posing bebas..nk mintak duet raye bley???

jempotla ke rumah kami...kami tak masak ape2 pon!muahahaha~

the normal raye delicacies~

front view of our house!mai che' mai~

i believe i can fly..i believe i can touch the sky..lalala~

tgh tunggu nk gi rumah tok su

the boys "lepaking" b4 going to tok su's house

cousins...aunt....and tok

ping pong jap weyh!

two toothless front teeth "daddy cool"

tak cukop bawah..atas bumbong pon jadilah!

it's soto time! yummy~

imran,ali and usman..

pak long's family..

cc kat rumah wanchik! takyah go orange dahla~

pak lang,pak uda and noh..

the "helpeers"!


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